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  4. “AEEICB-18” – International Conference

Senthil Kumar. As part of the Conference , 84 participants out of received papers from engineering institutes from countries such as USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Egypt, and Srilanka, Iran and various Research Centres and Industries have participated in the conference. There were invited Technical talks from eminent personalities from Industries and Organisations viz. The event saw the enthusiasm among participants with their involvement in paper presentation and in invited talks sessions. They found it really useful. Vasu, Advisor, congratulated the participants of the Conference and encouraged them to continue in their research with enhanced and enriched knowledge.

The Valedictory function was graced by the Chief Guest, Dr. Matters are further complicated when Joanna misdiagnoses the Keens' colicky baby whose father, mentally ill Roger, is the man who worked for the deceased Hilton and whom DI Jackson suspects of the killing. Later, Paul and Ken Jackson are furious when they learn of Marty's involvement in the accidental shooting because Roger Keen is clearly volatile and mentally unstable.

Whilst in police custody, Roger's baby son is rushed to hospital and he is taken to see him. Back at the police station he has a relapse and is committed again, despite being cleared of murder. Stephen Millwood, an old patient of Paul's, is accused of committing arson to claim the insurance money to support his family. Arrested for murder and arson, Stephen tells Paul that he admitted to the crime that his wife Angie really committed. He persuades Dangerfield to speak to an unconvinced Ken Jackson to get him bail so he can return home. Meanwhile, concerned father Mr Heath brings his daughter Clare to the surgery and demands that she is seen immediately.

Most Popular Titles With Siobhan Burke - IMDb

Later, at school, Clare collapses and is rushed to hospital, where her pregnancy is revealed but the foetus is in the wrong place. She insists her father is not told the truth but it could spell trouble for the practice, when Mr Heath threatens to sue. Dangerfield is called to examine suspected rape victim Diane Foster.

A man called David Walsh is pulled in on the charge and is represented by Paul's girlfriend, solicitor Kate Durrani. Soon the tension grows between Paul and Kate through their differing views of the case. Diane Foster, the suspected rape victim, has been attacked again and Dangerfield is called back to the hospital to re-examine her.

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DI Jackson is convinced that David Walsh committed the crime and Paul is called to court to give evidence. Unfortunately his girlfriend Kate Durrani is acting as solicitor for Walsh - and Dangerfield realises, in time, that he has made an ethical error which puts his relationship with Kate, and the case as a whole, at risk. When it emerges that heart attack victim William Burford has videotaped a murder, Dangerfield and DI Jackson are faced with a complex moral dilemma.

Deciding it best to protect the dead man's wife Lesley and their kids Claire and Michael because he was clearly a 'Peeping Tom', Jackson destroys the videotape.

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However his actions come back to haunt him when he later learns from Paul that a murdered woman, Susan Wainwright, might have been on the video. Meanwhile closer to home, Alison is worried about her brother Marty and heads off to Wales to find him. When the body of a naked woman is found by a canal, Dangerfield and forensic expert Terri Morgan collaborate to find out her identity and how she died. However, there is a slight discrepancy between medic and police when Paul insists that the woman had a faint pulse - but WPC Cudworth said she was already dead when they arrived on the scene.

Mo Ghille Mear (My Gallant Hero)

DI Jackson, eager to avert potential criticism from his team, asks Paul to heed caution before he submits his report. Meanwhile, at the Wickton Road Health Centre, Joanna needs a little of his bedside manner when she has to help convince her elderly father Harry to go into sheltered accommodation upon his release from hospital. Alison is preparing to leave and go to college, and Marty decides to leave school when he gets a job interview. When suspected drugs dealer Stephen Mason is found dead from a head wound after a night in a police cell, suspicion falls immediately on DI Jackson.

Elsewhere, the police are called in to a domestic argument involving father and daughter Clifton and Sonia Hilliard. Clifton is arrested and put in a cell for the night, but Sonia is reluctant to reveal why her father beat her. In a desperate attempt to clear his name and save his career, DI Jackson turns to Dangerfield and Terri to unearth a crucial piece of evidence which tragically links the Hilliards to the arrogant Mason.


Meanwhile, Alison is settling in at college, and Marty's new job is revealed. When a tree is uprooted in a storm, a skeleton is found and Terri has to use all her expertise to try and find out who he is. Housewife Linda Barton soon becomes the prime suspect. Later, the police discover that Helen was a battered wife, and killed her husband in later life when he became ill.

The discovery of his body brings the past back to Linda about the suffering her mother had to endure at the hands of her father. When he disappeared, her mother told her he had left them but she had, in fact, buried him after poisoning him. Convinced it's the only way to stop her mother being charged with his murder, Linda sets about trying to have Helen committed before the law catches up with her.

However, deciding that Helen is too old to be arrested, DI Jackson shows his compassionate side by declaring the case closed. Roz and Joanna differ in opinion when they see travelling youngster Rich Collins come in with bruises. Believing Rich to have been abused by his obnoxious stepfather Gerry, DI Jackson sets about trying to nail the man. However, when Dangerfield and Joanna team up to help Jackson crack the case, she becomes the victim of a stalker. Believing Gerry Collins to be the guilty party, Jackson puts him on constant surveillance, only to discover that the culprit is a lot closer to home.

Joanna and Roz wrestle with a moral dilemma involving the murder of businessman Geoff Hart, found burnt to a crisp in his car in dense woodland.

Most Popular Titles With Siobhan Burke

Hart's daughter Susan confesses to Roz during surgery that she murdered him, but Roz refuses to tell the police - declaring confidentiality is of prime importance in her job. Joanna and Dangerfield plead with her to divulge what she knows, and when DI Jackson finds out that Roz is withholding evidence, he puts pressure on her to spill the beans by threatening to arrest her.

This still doesn't change stubborn Roz's mind - and it falls to Dangerfield to end up persuading Susan to confess.

She eventually does but by a twist of fate, so does her mother Jenny in a bid to cover up her daughter's involvement in the crime. Due to two identical confessions and not enough evidence, DI Jackson cannot charge either of them and he, along with Joanna and Dangerfield, blame Roz for not speaking up sooner. Roz is disgusted by their accusations and promptly resigns from the practice. Meanwhile, Marty gratefully accepts help from one of his wheelchair-bound pals when he collapses after a basketball game due to his diabetes.

DI Jackson's personal and professional worlds collide when a dark secret from his past comes to light. His colleague, DI Archie Bond, turns up at a police benefit boxing match with a young woman called Crystal, and Ken is clearly stunned by her presence. He obviously knows the escort girl - but how? Lardner is concerned when Ken seemingly becomes obsessed with Crystal and asks Dangerfield to have a word with him. However, Ken is giving nothing away and Dangerfield is left thinking that the girl could be connected with the detective's shady past in the Vice Squad.

Then matters come to a head when a case of TB is uncovered at the surgery, but sufferer Gerald Norland seems reluctant to prepare a list of people he may have infected by close contact. Joanna then goes to treat Crystal's baby Emma and realises that the escort has TB also. As the TB is fairly isolated, she puts two and two together and realises that her patient was the one who infected Gerald Norland.

When Dangerfield finds out that Crystal's real name is Tara Jackson, he confronts Ken, who reluctantly reveals that she is his estranged daughter. A body is uncovered while Environmental Health remove barrels of toxic waste from the local quarry. The only clue to the victim's identity is the waterlogged patchwork quilt wrapped around the body. Watching the news, the victim's glamorous mother Miriam Lampter recognises the quilt and informs the police that the victim is her missing son James.

During their enquiries, DI Jackson and his team soon discover that James was a closet homosexual and having an affair with married Nigel Goss. Initially their prime suspect, Goss is let off the hook when Jackson realises he's innocent - but it's not long before the wily detective focuses his attentions on the Lampter family, in particular James' brother Daniel, with shocking results.

Dangerfield is badgered to take some holiday leave by Marty and MacKenzie. Taking their advice, he decides to invite Joanna away with him for a long weekend. Meanwhile, lovebirds Alison and Ben go camping in Snowdonia but the fun soon turns to tragedy when the pair become stranded in the rugged country. As the dead man's GP, Joanna finds herself increasingly involved in the case when she realises that only weeks before, Sunderland told her his wife was out to kill him.

Was Sunderland the victim of a crime of passion or was he simply delusional and suffering from paranoia? It's a sad day for the Dangerfields as the family, along with Joanna, attend Alison's boyfriend Ben's funeral. Alison is inconsolable and blames herself for his death. To assuage her grief, she gets drunk and hysterically throws herself at one of Ben's friends.

Meanwhile, Marty walks out on his job as a dishwasher and makes a conscious decision to go back to university and study disabled sports.

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  • Dangerfield becomes involved in the case of his long-time patient, businessman Patrick Hooper, when he leaves his wife Margaret to embark on a new relationship with attractive Caroline White. However, Hooper claims to Dangerfield that Caroline has been receiving threatening letters from an allegedly unhinged Margaret and as a result, Paul asks a reluctant Joanna to try and find out whether Margaret is showing signs of mental instability.

    Later, events take a tragic turn as Hooper's mistress Caroline is killed. DI Jackson and his team find themselves in the middle of a sinister family triangle as both Margaret and the Hoopers' son Thomas end up as prime suspects in Caroline's murder - however, all is not what it appears and with Terri's help, the police discover that the blame lies in an unexpected quarter.

    “AEEICB-18” – International Conference

    When the Dangerfields go on holiday to Norfolk, they get more than they bargained for when the peaceful rural atmosphere is shattered following the suspicious death of highly strung Susan Wood, a woman who happens to be amongst the guests at a barbecue attended by Paul and his children on their arrival.

    Alison and Marty spot Susan being aggressively manhandled by her husband Hugh, and Dangerfield is forced to become involved in the case throughout the duration of his holiday. Meanwhile, back in Warwickshire, insurance salesman Brian Ashley is knocked down by a hit and run driver when he comes out of housewife Sandra Lennox's home following an illicit tryst.

    Not wanting to speak to the police, Ashley leaves the crime scene. Later, DI Jackson and his team soon discover that this is no ordinary case of hit-and-run, and end up on the doorstep of alcoholic Frank Talbot, who was behind the wheel. However, although Talbot is clearly guilty of running Ashley over, events take a tragic twist when the victim is finally killed by none other than his best friend Mick Lennox, the husband of his lover Sandra.